PT2.1 - Engineering Goals

2.1 Engineering Goals, Identification of Problem and Specific Requirements

2.1.1 Roles & Timeline
Name of MemberRoleResponsibility
Chiu JianingLeaderLead and make sure that everyone is doing something
Stevanus TimothyusScribe, SecretaryTake note of stuff / do the blog
Adam AimanLogisticsPresent stuff
2.1.2 Engineering Goals & Brainstorming
1. Having a strong structure to withstand the tension of mouse trap structure that holds the axel,  caused by the force of the 'hammer' pulling with the string that is attached.
2. Having a light weight structure but not too light, so that the car could travel as far as it could but not being too light for the wheel to help push the car forwards as acceleration=force/mass.
3. To maximise, as much as possible, for the mouse trap to provide the most amount of force so that it will be able to travel furthest.
4. To prevent as much as possible the friction and air resistance that will act on the car, which will make the car to travel at a closer distance.
5. To let the use of the mouse trap car easy, so that it would let any user to be able to use it without instruction manual.
6. To use as much recycle materials as possible so that it would not harm the environment.
7. To make the mouse car trap to be safe to use so that the chances of injuring someone in the performance task will be the least.

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